Mechanical trading systems for currencies, futures and single stocks

Wall Street Technology (WST) offers fully automated computer models that need absolutely no discretionary (subjective) intervention. On request we will send you evaluations of some of the systems and system portfolios. All evaluations show results that include the usual commission, spread and slippage charges while excluding the re-investment of gains to yield a conservative analysis. Additionally, our currency models have been submitted to stringent stability tests on data from different sources, including actual results based on real-time trade data from inter-bank transactions.

If you have any questions concerning our trading strategies we invite you to call us at +49-30-3235522 or to send us a mail. Upon request, we will gladly add you to our email subscriber’s list for periodic performance updates and news about our trading systems.

FOREX System-Portfolios

WST offers institutional investors individual FX-system portfolios for trading on EBS or Reuters Dealing Data even with limitations placed on trading hours, e.g. the liquid London trading hours.

We lease our financial algorithms on a profit-sharing basis. Clients include banks, hedge fund companies, large asset management companies, and qualified retail investors. They appreciate the fact that the systems we promote are not narrowly optimized so the same rules and parameters can be uniformly applied to all currency pairs and time frames.

For further information, please contact Mr. Michael Kühn at +49-30-3235522.

System trading for Futures and Single Stocks

WST offers robust logics on most of the Financial Futures as well as for liquid single stocks (long/short or long/flat versions are available). Such portfolios on different markets and market segments we offer to hedge funds, banks, and large asset management companies.

For further information, please contact Mr. Michael Kühn at +49-30-3235522.

Examples for individual systems that can also be used for Managed Accounts for private investors

WST FXDT: A FOREX Daytrading Logic for the most liquid currency pairs with tightest spreads. This system trades only between 8am and 6pm German time, mo-fr, and does not hold any overnight positions.

WST Bonds: An End-of-Day logic for trading the most liquid bonds and notes worldwide. All orders are Limit orders. Entry Lot-sizing is handled by a money-management formula.

Current single-evaluations for further WST systems are provided upon request.

Institutional investors can lease trading systems from Wall Street Technology. Retail investors can trade these systems through an asset management company or participate when available through products such as funds and certificates.

WST reserves itself to limit the number of installations of identical systems or to deliver different system variants and/or portfolio setups in order to avoid competitive disadvantages in execution among multiple types of clients. In the case of wholesale investors, we are careful to ensure that no two customers of this type will have signals generated for the same market at the same time.

IMPORTANT: These trading systems were exclusively designed for professional investors who are aware of the risks of the markets (particularly of derivative instruments) and possess wide experience with these markets. WST GmbH can in no way be held liable for the correctness of the signals delivered by these systems. Performance in the past is absolutely no guarantee for performance in the future. Our evaluations of these systems do not represent advice under the terms of the Securities Trading Act.

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