Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

TSL_small TSL - Trading System Lab is the flagship product in Genetic Programming to automatically generate Trading Systems on any market and any timeframe. It contains several features that reduce the possibility of curve fitting. The TSL output is either C-code, Java, Assembler, EasyLanguage® and others (allows for portability and integration into industry API’s, platforms, and Algorithmic Trading Engines.).

For further information: TSL - Trading System Lab


Tradesignal Enterprise Edition

tradesignal_small The Tradesignal Enterprise Edition is very widespread with banks, insurance companies and energy utilities for charting, technical analysis and trading system development. Seamless integration with Reuters and Bloomberg has made this software particularly popular with institutional investors.

For further information: Tradesignal Enterprise Edition


tradestation_small This classic among available trading system development tools has a huge community all over the world, and the easy to learn script language “EasyLanguage” is still THE international standard. The TradeStation 2000i version connects to a large set of data sources using tools from third-party suppliers while the TradeStation 9 version comes with an integrated data service and comprehensive historical data.

For further information: TradeStation. Tools for TradeStation are available at RT SOFT



Virtually the TradeStation 2000i successor. Even more powerful with almost 100% compatibility. Direct connection to various data sources possible, accompanied by integrated auto-execution. Customized programming for greater functionality is possible. Special FOREX version now available.

For further information: MultiCharts
Since 2010 available via WST: Interface from MultiCharts to FX Autobahn DB (Deutsche Bank) as a datafeed as well as for automatic order routing!

Portfolio Maestro

rina_small TradeStation Technologies acquired all RINA financial software in August 2010. Since 2012 available as an add-on for the TradeStation platform.

Portfolio Maestro is the ultimate tool to develop and test trading systems on a portfolio level-- performance evaluations possible over several symbols and time frames, for multiple trading systems applied to one or several symbols, pairs trading, inter-market analysis, etc. Individual ranking possible.

For further information: TradeStation.


Hedge Facts Is a fully outsourced back and middle office operations solution from HedgeFacts, LLP. Clients have the option to run a fully integrated software platform that enables them to run an alternative investments business or ask HedgeFacts, LLP to use HedgeFacts for the purpose of servicing data management, back office processing, and front office reporting needs. HedgeFacts is a cost effective way to run a trading business and focus on growing assets as well as generating investment returns, regardless of the service level selected. The technology collects the data from brokers automatically, performs reconciliation of trades, positions and balances, provides daily and monthly performance reporting, has a powerful risk module to generate VaR and Component VaR reports, users have ability to set Red Flags for risk and P/L, perform partnership and business accounting and others. The reporting can be run for various tiers, such as account, advisor, fund, share class or other. HedgeFacts can be used by both very simple and very complex funds. Customers are able to use an already existing HedgeFacts, LLP infrastructure by running the software on the hosting center instead of spending substantial time and money to build their own IT system. HedgeFacts technology and services are ideal for both start-up and established managers, and is an affordable software platform that can grow with your business.

For further information: HedgeFacts®

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